Authentic and Tasty Italian Dishes

Is there even a point of exploring SandownVillage if you don't drop by at Michelangelo's and not try the best Italian Restaurant in Sandown Village for lunch? It's like going to Paris and not visiting the Louvre. You know what we mean. Michelangelo's is one of the finest places to dig into a plate of chicken parmigiana, chicken schnitzel, honey glazed lamb and all and sundry dishes that Italians invented. The dessert and drinks menu are as enticing as our food menu, so if you want to have a full-fledged Italian lunch experience, book a table at our restaurant today,

Not just conventional Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, but Michelangelo's diverse menu also serves some of the offbeat authentic and tasty Italian dishes, which has helped make European cuisine popular all over the world. Vegan Schnitzel strikes a balance between tasty and healthy, so if you're confused about what to order, that's the place to start. Book a table now.