Authentic and Delicious Italian Dishes

Want to lunch Italian in Patterson Lakes? Why not make the experience count? If you want to witness the authenticity of Italian cuisine, then there's no better place for you to book a table than Michelangelo's. We are the best Italian Restaurant in Patterson Lakes and have been serving the patrons in the region for a long time. Whether you're in the mood to dig into some pasta or want to savour your favourite pizza, or if you want to revel in a plate of delicious risotto, you can try every Italian dish here.

Michelangelo's serves authentic and delicious Italian dishes in and around Patterson. We have spent years crafting our unique recipes, all of which will leave you yearning for more once you take a crack at them. You can book a table at the restaurant or head to our website to order online. You're one call away from ordering the best pizza in town to your doorstep!