You Must Try the Italian Food

There are many Italian restaurants in Clayton that exclusively serve Italian main courses, drinks and dishes for a wholesome Italian dining experience. Michelangelo's is the best Italian restaurant in Clayton that ticks all the boxes of an ideal ethnic eatery. From ambience to the food, we'd promise to make your evening count with our exquisite menu and an overall worthwhile outdoor dining experience.

While at Italian restaurants, you'd be inclined to try popular dishes like pizza and pasta, but there are many dishes from European countries that can give you an authentic experience. Risotto A La Pancetta has our heart, thanks to the delicious combination of arborio rice, bacon, onion, mushrooms dipped in cream sauce. Wild Mushrooms risotto can exceed your expectations, too, if you give it a chance. You must try the Italian food of Chicken Caesar Salad. Head to our website to see what else we have to offer. Book a table today or order online.