Traditional Italian Dishes

If you're looking to eat at an Italian restaurant in Bangholme, we'd suggest you stop looking further and book a table at Michelangelo's. We pride ourselves on preparing authentic Italian dishes like pizza, pasta and risotto and giving them our personal touch to make your experience better. You can also customise the order and pick the pizza toppings and other ingredients to ensure that everything is up to your liking.

Italians certainly know a thing or two about food. Thankfully, they didn't keep the secret of their delicious dishes to themselves and revealed their secrets to the world. In Bangholme, for one, you can dig into all the traditional Italian dishes that made the cuisine so popular all over the globe at Michelangelo's. Book a table at our restaurant to savour the best pizza in the locality. There are also several other regional options to choose from. Browse our menu online to see what we have in store.