Delicious Italian Dishes

There is no dearth of chic restaurants in the bustling locality of Aspendale. The beautiful suburbs are lined with ethnic eating places, one of which is Michelangelo's. We are an Italian Restaurant in Aspendale that renders its customers with an authentic Italian lunch experience. From the taste, preparation to presentation, all our dishes scream authenticity in all aspects. If you don't believe us, visit our restaurant to try all foods that the European country has to offer, including traditional pizza and savoury pasta.

If you want to eat delicious Italian dishes in Aspendale, Michelangelo's is the place to be. While you're here, don't leave without trying our Amatriciana, a tasty pasta cooked in Napoli sauce with a hint of chilli to enhance the flavour. The Parmesan cheese is an additional treat for all the cheese-lovers out there. You can choose to add additional ingredients from a long list to customise your order to your liking. Book a table or order online.