Different Types Of Must-try Pasta And Risotto

Italian cuisine is famous worldwide, thanks to the wide selection of spicy dishes that you cannot help but savour. Pasta and risotto are two of the most famous Italian dishes that can lift your spirits in no time. They’re both affordable and versatile food items that taste divine when prepared by a professional. Not to mention, they also have certain health benefits, so it’s easy to lose yourself in the heavenly tangles of Risotto and Pasta.

If you live in Melbourne and want to try the best pasta in town, Michelangelo’s is worth checking out. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine and takes note of personal requirements. Here are three types of must-try pasta and risotto you can savour at Michelangelo’s.

1. Amatriciana

It is a pasta dish that is served with sauteed onion, parsley, and bacon, the combination of which will leave you wanting more. The dish is completed by adding Napoli sauce, which also gives an authentic Italian touch to it.

The pinch of chilli and parmesan cheese only makes the dish more lip-smacking. The best part is, you can customize the pasta to your liking by choosing from an array of default and add-on ingredients, including anchovies, chicken, bacon, egg, prawn, salami, pesto, avocado, basil, and more. Type “Pasta Restaurants near me” on Google to book a table at the restaurant.

2. Bolognaise

The uniqueness of this dish lies in the meat sauce and parmesan cheese that is sprinkled on the pasta of your choice. Parmesan cheese is an Italy-originated hard cheese that is made of raw cow’s milk.

It best goes with authentic Italian pasta and tastes heavenly if processed correctly. If you’re ever at Michelangelo’s, do try this supreme Italian pasta dish that has made many people fall in love with Italian cuisine over the years. 

3. Risotto Pollo

Risotto is another Italian dish that people can’t have enough of. Once you dig into the short-grain rice, you’d realize why the food is hailed all over the world. At Michelangelo’s, Arborio rice is hurled in cream sauce with tender chicken pieces and cooked with mushrooms and spices.

You can order Parmesan cheese to be added into the mix as well to make the dish even more savoury. Whether you want to host a party or simply have guests over to try delicious and authentic Italian food, head to Google and type “function rooms Melbourne” to find yourself in a restaurant like Michelangelo’s to try the exquisite food!