Best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne

Italians are one of the finest pioneers of delectable cuisines. The much sought-after dish, Pizza, which is essentially a flatbread topped with exquisite spices and seasonings, originates from the Italian city of Naples. Let's be honest, if we had to eat one dish for the rest of our lives, most of us would choose Pizza off the bat because it is THAT delicious! Especially when it is from Michelangelo's restaurant, which serves the best Italian food, Melbourne. Our signature dishes, Vegan Margherita pizza and traditional Pizza will make you dig into the platter until it's squeaky clean.

Pasta and Risotto are two dishes that will make you savour every nibble of it. Our Spaghetti Marinara, which features tiger prawns, clam meat, and fresh herbs tossed in Napoli Sauce, will leave you wanting more. We are indeed one of the best Italian restaurants at Chelsea heights suburb in Melbourne for a reason.

Best Italian Restaurants Near Me

Fire up your search engine and punch in "Best Italian Restaurant near me", and sure enough, find yourself at the doorstep of Michelangelo's. No customer has ever stepped into the threshold of this eatery and didn't leave with a satisfied heart and soul. The warm and airy ambience only contributes to the overall allure of the place. This is the spot where you dig into the finest Italian dishes, made with authentic recipes from the streets of the European nation and delivered to the gourmet people of Australia.

Best Italian Food in Melbourne

If there is one must-try dish at Michelangelo's, it would be the Lasagne. Experience the fine Italian culinary by diving into the fresh pasta sheets and bolognaise, layered with the signature Napoli sauce. Once you punch in "Italian Restaurants Near Me" or "Italian Food Near Me", you can find your way to Michelangelo's and savour the nibbles of this exotic dish and more!